Definition of Science

Definition of Science ? Science is a type of interpersonal coordinated effort and knowledge-gathering in light of a standard called the scientific method. The term science came from Latin Scientia which means “Knowledge”. The focus of science is to come up with theories and concepts that successfully as well as logically predict different phenomena, from

Monopoly Definition – Everything about Monopoly

Monopoly Definition – Everything about Monopoly Monopoly comes under economics that means a circumstance where only one particular company or organization is providing essential good and service, which is not available to any other service or company. Due to this uniqueness the company can charge whatever they want (for their goods and service), as they

What is Greenhouse Effect? Definition.

What is Greenhouse Effect? Greenhouse Effect for kids, enhanced greenhouse effects, Greenhouse effects and global warming. The greenhouse effect is typically a biological process in our atmosphere (planet Earth), in which a specific amount of gases combine with each other to form a layer of insulation. This layer of insulation traps solar radiation and warmth.

What is Environment – Definition and Meaning Environment

What is Environment? Environment refers to a life form’s surroundings. It incorporates all the organisms and the nonliving elements such as light, temperature, soil, air, and water. Environment affects every organism, including the humans and Ecology is completely concerned with it. On the other hand, sociology is involved with “human ” environments because it is
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