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What is Hybrid Cloud Computing

What is Hybrid Cloud Computing Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing deployment model that seeks to utilize the advantages of both private and public deployment models of cloud computing. Traditionally, a trade-off between security that comes with private cloud computing and scalability and cost efficiency that is provided by public cloud computing has had to

What is File Sharing

What is file sharing File sharing as the name indicates, refer to the methods and processes of sharing information. This information is a set of data that can be in any format and hence named as file. It can be a text, image, video, audio, binary or any other type of information in the form

What is Public Cloud

Public Cloud: – Cloud computing is a system of interlinked and networked servers that seeks to provide high-performance services comparable to super computing used by research institutions and the military, to the public mass. The network servers use specialized connections to connect the servers thus ensuring the spread of task within the system is done

What is PaaS (Platform As A Service)

Platform As A Service (PaaS) PaaS is also known as platform as a service refer to the process of renting out the hardware, operating system and storage space to the users all over the internet; it is the hardware version of SaaS, software as a service. SaaS refers to the type of software distribution model
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