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What is Network Management System (NMS)

Network Management System (NMS) The following articles guides you everything about “Network management system”. Before discussing about network management let discuss about network. What is a network? Computer network is the connection of different electronic and network devices that work together according to the pre designed algorithms to connect themselves to each other in such

What is Digital

Digital Digital is an electric technology that creates, stores, and operations data and information with regard to two states: positive and non-positive. Positive is indicated or displayed by the number one and non-positive with the number zero. Therefore, data carried or saved with digital technology which is indicated as a string of Zeros and ones.

What is ISO

ISO ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, which was established in 1947 with a set of industry standards and guidelines to be applied multi-nationally across a variety of disciplines on a volunteer basis. The ISO does not enforce its standards on any country, but full membership in the ISO does in some measure depend

What is Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Iintelligence Business Intelligence is the key for the success of enterprise. BI provides real-time reporting on the state of the business at any given time, including sales, production, profits and losses. Businesses organizations can create a massive amount of data on a daily basis. This data represents a record of daily operations and how they
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