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What is MANET – Mobile Ad Hoc Network

MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Network) Manet stands for mobile Ad Hoc Network, it is a IETF (Internet engineering task force) work group that was created in 1998 for systematize the routing protocols based on Internet protocol for ad hoc network, phones etc. MANET is group of large independent wire nodes interconnecting each other on peer to peer

What is SPAM (Spamming)

SPAM SPAM is a technique of sending of electronic junk mails with unrelated content to a unwanted persons. The main purpose of spamming is to advertise the products in the form mails and sending messages continuously from similar websites. For example, daily we are getting number of mails in to our inbox with different types

What Is Network Address Translation (NAT)

Network Address Translation Network Address translation, also termed as NAT in common, is a method of modifying the network address in the header of the datagram so that the address can be remapped from one IP address to another. Natting is not necessary for running a network but it is a technique to ensure a

What Is Virtual Machine?

Virtual Machine Virtual machine in computing refers to an emulation of a complete system on anther system. As it’s not physically the real system, it is called the virtual machine. It is one of the applications of Virtualization that help people develop and use multiple operating systems or system resources of one single machine. The
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