What is Information Technology? IT Definition & Meaning

Definition of Information Technology (IT)? Definition and Meaning ofInformation Technology (IT) – Considered as a constantly booming field, Information Technology (also called IT) revolves around the development, administration, and maintenance of varied forms of telecommunication and computer systems. It covers both the hardware and software maximized to efficiently store, create, or access information. Among the most prominent

What is Inflation? Definition & Meaning of Inflation

What is Inflation? Definition and Meaning of Inflation – In its most basic sense, inflation involves the rate as to which the price of products and services rises within an economy. Often measured through Consumer Prices Index (CPI) and Retail Prices Index (RPI), it is used by businesses and the government in calculating what financial

What is Social Networking? Definition of Social Networking

What is Social Networking? Definition and Meaning of Social Networking – Capitalizing on its broad scope and reach, social networking involves the act of widening one’s contacts may it be for individual or for business purposes. It facilitates the cultivation of existing interpersonal relationships and the creation of new ones. Social networking sites allow the

What Is A Constitution? Definition of Constitution

What Is A Constitution? Definition and Meaning of Constitution – Considered as the most supreme and the basic framework for all other laws to be enacted, a constitution establishes the general principles that will govern a state. It lays down the fundamental rights and obligations of every citizen, describes the scope and limitations of the
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